8(a) Small Disadvantage Small Business : SBA Certification:

The 8(a) Program Alumni is a business assistance program for small disadvantaged businesses. The 8(a) Program Alumni offers a broad scope of assistance to firms that are owned and controlled at least 51% by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals. The 8(a) Program Alumni is an essential instrument for helping socially and economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs gain access to the economic markets that are not difficult to enter. The program helps thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs gain a foothold in government contracting. Participation in the program is divided into two phases over nine years: a four- year developmental stage and a five-year transition stage and has established guidelines to ensure procurements are professionally executed, fair, effective and compliant.

Federal Contract Advantages and Benefits:

Sole-Source Procurement:
A significant benefit from the 8(a) Program Alumni is that Fierro Enterprises, LLC is eligible to receive sole-source contracts.

Set-Aside Procurement:
Fierro Enterprises, LLC is eligible for those set-aside procurement competitions that limit the field of eligible participants to other 8(a) concerns.

Full and Open Procurement Adjustments:
Fierro Enterprises, LLC is eligible for price evaluation adjustments when bidding on Full and Open procurements for federal contracts. When submitting a bid, the contracting officer adds a weighted factor determined annually by the Department of Commerce to all other offers.

Contracting Officer’s Advantage:
The 8(a) Program Alumni is the only procurement method that gives Program Managers sole discretion in choosing a contractor team.There are no delays for sole-source selections.There is no requirement for time consuming detailed evaluation of bidders and there is minimal pre-award documentation. An 8(a) contract can be awarded to Fierro Enterprises, LLC in 30- 60 days, compared to 6-9 months required in the baseline procurement cycle and can help the Program Manager achieve the federally mandated Small Disadvantaged Business goals.

Trusted Partners and Subcontractors:
SBA program rules and regulations recognize that a small business may not possess the entire breadth of skills required by the Program Manager. To that end, 8(a) companies are authorized to subcontract work to other firms; in this way, Fierro Enterprises, LLC can tailor contracting teams for a precise match with the requirement. This represents a substantial opportunity for our trusted partners to pursue and develop business lines in areas previously considered beyond their marketing reach because of the SDB set-aside requirements. 





Locally owned and operated for 30 years,
Fierro Enterprises, LLC (SBA 8a Certified and Minority Owned) offers all aspects of general contracting and construction management services to a wide range of governmental and institutional clients. Fierro Enterprises, LLC provides a highly dedicated and skilled group of professionals in the construction industry that are required for success within the scope of each project.


Highway, Street & Bridge Construction
• Construction Management
• Water & Sewer Lines

• Industrial Building Contractors
• Site Preparation & Foundations
• Paving
• Plumbing, Heating & HVAC
• Highway, Street & Bridge Construction


• Primary NAICS Code: 236220 
 (Commercial & Institutional 
   Building Construction)
• DUNNS #: 967518770
• Bonding Level :
$4,000,000 Single Project/ 
$6,000,000 Aggregate

• SBA 8(a) Program Alumni
• Woman Owned
• Minority Owned and Self Certified Small Business
• NM Contractor License 
 # 360488 -  GB98 / MM01 / MM02 /  MM03
• TXDOT DBE Certified
• NMDOT DBE Certified


Contract # Contract   Amount
Waste Water Treatment
w9124Q-14-C-0057 $1,800,559.47
Chip Seal
w9124Q-14-C-0048 $869,056.36
Reconstruct Range Road 5
w9124Q-14-C-0013 $3,717,599.52
Replace Septic Tank
w9124Q-11-C-0026 $39,642.26
Roadway Crack/Seal
w9124Q-13-C-0028 $1,155,000.37
Road Stripping
w9124Q-13-C-0024 $267,926.64
Range Road #8
W9126G-19-C-0148   $4,4398,109
TS Facility  W9126G-18-C-0021  $1,549,633
PGS Facility W9126G-17-C-0121     $1,418,848
LED Lights W9126G-17-C-0079 $1,752,170
Fire Alarms W9126G-16-C-0091 $1,441,949


Construction Management

Fierro Enterprises experience and business maturity provide excellent client services for successful construction projects. Fierro Enterprises has met every contract cost, schedule and performance requirement for every contract we have been awarded.



Fierro Enterprises, LLC is proud of our ability to self-perform various critical construction components. Our versatility and ability to self- perform in framing, refrigeration, plumbing, and HVAC allows us to be competitive while maintaining our high quality standards met every contract cost, schedule and performance requirement for every contract we have been awarded.


Experience and Service

For more than two decades, Fierro Enterprises has built a reputation based on the quality of our construction product and ability to build sound client relationships. Over 90% of our clients have been return clients thus creating lasting business relationships. `The cornerstone of each project is quality of workmanship and production.


236115 New Single Family Housing Construction 238190 Other Foundation, Structure & Building Exterior
236116 New Multi Family Housing Construction 238210 Electrical Contractors 
236118 Residential Remodelers 238220 Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning 
236210 Industrial Building Contractors 238290 Other Building Equipment
236220 Commercial & Industrial Building Contractors (Primary) 238310 Drywall & Insulation
237110 Water & Sewer Line & Related Structures 238320 Painting & Wall Covering Contractors
237310 Highway, Street & Bridge Construction 238330 Flooring  Contractors
237990 Other Heavy & Civil Engineering Construction 238340 Tile & Terrazzo 
238110 Poured Concrete Foundation & Structures 238350 Carpenters (except framing) 
238130 Framing Contractors 238910 Site Preparation Contractors
238140 Masonry Contractors 238990 Paving, Residential & Commercial
238150 Glass & Glazing Contractors 332323 Ornamental & Architectural Metal Work 
238160 Roofing Contractors 541330 Engineering Services
238170 Siding 561730Landscape Care & Maintenance Services